Contemporary Vegan Cooking Class 10th September 2019

Contemporary Vegan Cooking Class 10th September 2019


6.30pm - 10pm, 42 Drury Street, Dublin 2.

Millet and Sweet Potato Burgers Veggie burgers are omnipresent, but all to often are frozen, or are bland patties. You can do better! These Millet and Sweet Potato Burgers are a favourite in our deli and are served with coriander pesto and salsa. Learn all the steps to make these delicious burgers.

Cucumber and Wakame SaladLearn how to use Irish sea-vegetables in your dishes. Sea-weeds (vegetables) are an excellent addition to you diet, helping to cleans the blood and strengthen the liver. Learn how to toss up, this light, crips, pickled cucumber salad.

Savoury Chick-pea and Vegetable stew. Pulses are a great source of protein, unlike meat they do not contain saturated fats, they are also rich in calcium, iron, potassium and B vitamins. Enjoy experimenting with recipes and learn how to make this delicious dish.

Ginger Cake with Lemon. Learn the skills and tips to make a delicious moist ginger cake, suitable for vegans. Sweetened with organic blackstrap molasses and 100% maple syrup.

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