Our freezer has a great range of our frozen meals & soups for you to enjoy. Freshly made in our kitchen with no added sugars, additives or preservatives.

Some of our range might change from time to time and we might put some specials on. The following list is always in stock.



Spinach and mushroom Lasagne with Feta cheese.  €6.25         sf, yf ,wf,

Butternut Squash Lasagne with sage and walnut.  €6.25         sf, yf ,wf,

Mixed vegetable Lasagne  €6.25         sf, yf, wf,

Vegetable Shepherds Pie €6.25        v, sf, df, gf, yf, wf,

Tofu Chilli €6.25              v,  sf , df, gf, yf, wf,

Ratatouille Bake €6.25        sf ,gf, yf, wf,

Spiced sweet potato and chickpea stew €6.25                v, sf, df, gf, yf, wf,

Vegetable curry with cashew nuts €6.25           v, sf, df, gf, yf, wf, 

Soups. 16oz €4.20

Some of our great range !


Indian Style lentil with Spinach.         

Spicy Spinach with toasted coconut.

Mixed vegetable.

Butternut squash with Indian spices.

Tomato and Fennel.

Haricot Bean and Potato chowder.

Tuscan white bean and vegetable .

Chickpea Cilli with Vegetable.

Mexican Lentil with Roasted Garlic.

Spicy Moroccan Lentil & Vegetable



We do not use any stock or sugar in our soups. They are made on our premises and are free from sugar, additives, dairy, wheat and yeast. We use a variation of beans, pulses, grains and vegetables to make our soups hearty and healthy. All our soups are vegan.