Blazing Salads 2 "Good Food Every Day"

Blazing Salads 2 "Good Food Every Day"


Blazing Salads 2 Good Food Every Day

In the original Blazing Salads Cookbook, Lorraine Fitzmaurice based her recipes on the simple, healthy food on which she had been brought up. This new book, like the first, is packed with fuss-free recipes to cook every day, but with a twist: all the recipes are versatile so you can change them to suit your and your family’s tastes, or your store cupboard.

If you are into good food and if you believe cooking for you and your family is important; if you need to find vegetarian, vegan, gluten, sugar, wheat and dairy-free recipes, or if you just want more ideas on how to up your veg intake; this book will inspire you and enable you to bring a slice ofDublin’s coolest vegetarian deli to your home.

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