Miso Soup

It is recommended that anyone eating a vegetarian or vegan diet should eat a small bowl of miso soup daily. Miso is a paste made with soybeans, salt and grain, fermented by a special enzyme called koji. It is allowed ferment from 6 months to 2 years. There are 3 basic types of miso: barley (mugi), soyabean (hatcho), rice (genmai). The best for everyday use is mugi miso. Only use the unpasteurised variety. It provides excellent nutrition. It is rich in protein since its base is soyabean, it is a live food that aids digestion and has small amounts of B12. The inclusion of seaweed in the soup provides iron and calcium. It s especially beneficial in the cases of anaemia and is a good blood purifier.

Try our delicious miso pesto. Its suitable for vegans. Our miso-vegetable-tofu soup is available daily from our soup menu. We also sell it is handy dried sachets for you to enjoy !