blazing salads

42 Drury Street
Dublin 2 Ireland

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Blazing Salads Food Company is an independent, multi award winning, family-run, vegetarian, vegan wholefood deli and cookery school. Using the highest quality organic, fairtrade, independant, and cooperatively produced ingredients, we offer a wide range of our unique, delicious soups, salads, cakes & savouries. All our food is hand-made daily on the premises. Here at Blazing Salads Food Co. we  serve you healthy and nourishing food emphasising whole & seasonal ingredients.




In 2000 we opened Blazing Salads Wholefood Deli on Drury Street, Dublin after seeing a gap in the market for people like ourselves who wanted to purchase and enjoy delicious, wholesome, vegetarian food conveniently. Here's a little of the journey that got us here.

 In 1972 our father Joe Fitzmaurice came across a book called Prescription for Energy by Percy Cerutti, This led onto further reading of books by Georges Ohsawa, who first used the word macrobiotics as we know it today and who introduced it to Europe and America in 1953. Ohsawa emphasised the importance of eating brown rice. Our parents had never heard of brown rice. Where could you buy it? How did you cook it? Our mother Pauline was very inventive. Forty years ago unlike today there weren't many products available for a wholefood diet. Yet there always seemed to be a constant supply of snacks and sweet things at home.

In 1978 our parents opened an East West Centre in Dublin called the Golden Dawn. There was a shop, restaurant, and an area that people could rent to give tai-chi classes, yoga, shiatsu massage etc. Cookery Classes were also given. Speakers such as Michio Kushi and his wife Aveline were brought to Dublin to talk about macrobiotics. Some people who were customers then are still our customers now in our Deli. We were brought in on Saturdays to make gamasio, pick parsley and othersmall jobs. The older we got, the bigger the job. This is how our passion for the food business grew.
In 1982 Lorraine with our parents opened Blazing Salads Restaurant . It was a wholefood vegetarian restaurant. The best quality ingredients were used in their whole form. It is here that she learned how to run a very busy professional kitchen. Recipes came for experimentation and wide reading of cookbooks and food magazines. Some were passed on by word of mouth, as gifts and from our mother. In 1982 Blazing Salads 2 opened and  after a stint in the USA Pamela returned and in 1997 came to work with Lorraine. Always being innovative and looking for new ideas and recipes together with our brother Joe we decided to open a deli The Blazing Salads Wholefood Food Company was born!!

 We are passionate about great food being delivered with the nutrition still intact. Cook well, eat well, and enjoy x